Finals are here… You know what that means, It’s CRUNCH TIME!  Tis the season for infinite hours in the library, 100 pound backpacks full of books, and going bald from ripping your hair out.  If your like me, your running on 100% procrastination mode.  This is where every excuse in the book gets whipped out.  Somehow I always rationalize things in anyway, in order not to do work.

“I can’t do work when I’m hungry, so I’ll go home and make a sandwich first”.  Or “I need to chill for a minute before I tackle the mountain of homework I have, so just I’ll watch TV for 30 minutes”.  Which is shortly followed by “Oh another How I Met Your Mother? episode is on? I’ll just watch one more”.  Then there’s always the classic “I can’t go to the library when I’m this tired, I’ll just take a quick power nap before I write my 58973901 page dissertation on (insert boring topic here).

Finals suck, we all know that.  There’s always going to be some excuse that will “magically” make finals not suck all of a sudden.  The truth is, we just have to suck it up do the work.  That way we have time for the important things like our chicken fried and cold beer on a Friday night.  Here are a couple of tips that I find really help to finish the year off strong.

  1. Go to the library:  It’s better to do work in an uncomfortable setting, sitting upright in a chair at a desk.  Snuggling up in bed with your laptop only leads to one thing… some  ZZZZZZ’s.
  2. Don’t procrastinate: Ideally people should be studying a little bit throughout the whole semester. The more time you spend studying, the higher grade you will get.  Hard work is rewarded in the end.
  3. Don’t kill yourself:  It’s important to study, but don’t over do it.  Your brain can only process so much, so spending 10 and half hours straight in the library is only a waste of time.  Take breaks, breathe some fresh air and stretch.  Your brain will feel better with breaks and you will learn a lot more effectively.
  4. Don’t go on Facebook/social media before:  It is so easy to start up your computer and check your Facebok for “5 minutes”.  The reality is 5 minutes turns into an hour of unproductiveness.  When you start off on social Facebook, you get distracted with a million of other things, which blurs your focus to a million of other things when it comes time to actually do work.
  5. Eat: Make sure to always pack food or eat before you start your work.  Your brain works best on a full stomach and food stimulates healthy brain activity.  Always make sure to eat a good breakfast/lunch before a test.
  6. Don’t re-read the entire textbook: Having the “Oh crap I haven’t even opened the book this semester, so I have to read the entire book” mentality is bad.  Not only does this take a lot of time, it’s simply a waste of time. You’re only going to fill your brain with a bunch of new information right before the test and then not retain any of the important things. Read chapter summaries, notes, charts, pictures or maps that might be in the textbook.
  7. Sleep: Sometimes people see sleep as being overrated and pull the 3-day in a row all nighters.  We all perform properly when rested.  It is crucial to get a good night’s sleep before taking a final.  It’s scientifically proven that humans perform better with a good nights sleep.  Make time to sleep; you’ll feel better and test better.  Do not underestimate the power of sleep.

Click here’s for some more studying tips to Ace your finals

(Funny video of Dom Mazzetti on Finals)

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  1. Jess says:

    thanks for the tips Mr. Lau !

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