Bahamas Baby

Last week was the highly anticipated SPRING BREAK  we all waited for.  Many people traveled to fun and exotic places.  I was one of them.  My friends Oliver, Travis, Dave and I booked a trip at the Flamingo Bay Resort in Freeport, Bahamas.  This would be a trip of epic proportion.

Let me first give some quick boring background of where we were.  Our resort was located in the Grand Bahamas, in a city called Freeport.  The Grand Bahamas is the northern most of the islands of Bahamas, and the closet of the major islands to the United States (56 miles off the coast of Florida).  The Grand Bahamas is the 5th largest island among the Bahamas Island chain of about 700 islands and 2,400 cays.  The island is about 93 miles long west to east and 12 miles north to south (so basically it is SMALL).

Okay, back to the story.  My friends and I embarked on our journey from the snowy, mountain tops of Vermont, to the beachy shores of Fort Lauderdale Florida, where we would catch a ferry ride to the Bahamas the next day.  It was great to start in Florida because we got to meet everyone going to Paradise with us, as well as getting a taste of the sunny, bathing-suit-wearing, stunna-shade-rocking, lifestyle that is Florida.  After some exploring and celebratory night-drinking, we were ready to begin our “booze-cruise” down to our SPRING BREAK 2012.   It all began with the ferry ride…

(Fort Lauderdale, Florida)

Now our impression of the cruise down to the Bahamas would be some what like the Lonely Island’s song of “I’m on a Boat“.  It would be one big party of drinking, dancing, and celebrations.  Boy we’re we wrong.  Our ferry-ride-of-death consisted of vomit, barf bags, and major sea-sickness.  Apparently roaming waves of 8-10 feet + a flat bottom boat = an ugly scene of stomach vile carnage.  It was actually quite comical now that I reflect back on it.  Picture a boat full of college students, with every other person laying dead on the floor or buried in a bag of throw-up.   It was so bad even the staff was puking.  NONETHELESS.  We arrived at our destination in one piece (some of us in pieces).


The weather was GORGEOUS, the liquor was cheap, and the native Bahamians were the chillest, friendliest, easy-going group of people I’ve ever encountered.  Freeport is a very quaint little town that anyone would fall in love with.  When we arrived at our resort, we were greeted with “welcome to heaven”, and it basically was.  The resort we stayed at was amazing.  The rooms were perfect for crashing at night, and the pool was ENORMOUS.  There was a water-slide (which we raged numerous times), a lazy river, built-in pools beds, and the best part, a swim up bar.  The swim up bar was the scene for most of our insanity… Whipped-cream body-shots, lucrative chants, bar-top dancing… It was just an amazing atmosphere that combined the perfect level of relaxation and craziness.

(Our view from our room, swim-up bar & Taino Beach)

At night our adventures continued at Port Lucaya, which I can compare to the downtown scene here.  Dollar shots at every bar, a dance pit in the middle of everything, and featured stage to get your boogy on.  One night we spent at a local event called the “Fish Fry”.  This featured great Bahamian food, and a DJ dance party in a great environment.  My friend Dave and I even ended up in a hilarious dance-off against some local Bahamians.  All-in-all it was a great way to cap off my last Spring Break of my college career.  I would love to hear about everyone’s adventures and I hope you enjoyed yours as much as I did mine.

(Port Lucaya & Fish Fry)


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