Womp Womp

Last week I peeked behind the secret world of a hipster as I womped away at my first Dubstep show.  Yes, I went to Rusko.  To say the least, this show was AWESOME!  Rusko performed at the Memorial Auditorium, where all types of people with glow sticks, funky glasses without lenses, and bright florescent body paint gathered to listen to the tightly-coiled-productions-with-overwhelming-bass-lines-and-reverberant-drum-patterns- that is DUBSTEP.

Rusko only performed till 11 oclock, but that didn’t stop the never-ending energy of us Dubstep fanatics.  After the show, everyone migrated downtown, where Papadosio would be sending it hard, by giving us on an out of this world after party performance.  This was my first time hearing the five piece electronic rock band that purposely defies genre classification.  Like Rusko, Papadosio was AWESOME!

I find it amazing how the music world has evolved so much.  Musicians have taken it to the next level and have created their own electronic dance genre that everyone can get weird too.  Dubstep has exploded since its 1998 dark, 2-step garage music that it once was.  Since 2009, it has become a globally recognize style of music that is greatly influencing mainstream artists and songs.  We Americans have even taken Dubstep a step further and created Brostep.  This is the post-Dubstep era where we pump up our bass by 130 beats-per-minute.  Unlike traditional dubstep production styles, that emphasize sub-bass content, brostep accentuates the middle register and features “robotic fluctuations and metal-esque aggression.”  Basically it’s when an artist uses mainstream songs and WOMPIFY it.  Most people would recognize Brostep from artists like Skrillex and Bassnectar.

The very popular Bassnectar remix song “Lights”


About Things John Lau says

There is a lot to say about me. It's always hard summing up yourself into one little block. Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is John Lau. I'm a marketing major at Champlain College and after almost 4 short years, I find that i'm ending the first part of my college journey. I try to keep myself active and dabble in a variety of activities. I like snowboarding, longboarding, golfing, playing soccer, participating in intellectual conversations, meeting interesting people and laughing with good friends. I just spent four months in Ireland, where I travelled all over Europe and gained a great perspective about the world. From my travels, I have a new appreciation for different cultures, politics, economies and people. I like to stay updated on current events and technologies that emerge. This blog focuses on my interests in all the fields I dabble in which can include business, technology, sports, snowboarding, movies, music and life in general. This is a way to document my experiences and express my opinions which relate the community I influence.
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