Working on that Spring break body?

Spring break is right around the corner.  For a lot of us, this means the last chance to have a LEGEN, wait for it… DARY adventure in our college careers.  Scary right. Naturally everyone is getting their fitness on and killing it in the gym.  I personally have been on a 5 on, 2 off schedule.  With this I offer a little inspiration to achieve that ultimate meat-head, fist-bumping body, juice-head body you’ve been looking for.  This also helps for all us regular non-grunting, non-weight-throwing gym buffs. 

It is important to remember what your goal is when hitting the gym.  Are you trying to cut weight? Are you building muscle? Or do you just want to be really cut like Ryan Reynolds?  Whatever it may be, it is essential to focus on your goal and map out a clear plan to reach it.  Remember baby, small steps, you need to walk before you can run.  Showing up is half the battle. 

I found this article that lays out the best and worst burgers to eat.  Now the best way to reach your goal is a healthy diet, but who says you can cheat every once in a while.  This article tells which burgers are the best for you from a restaurant, for those days you can’t resist.  Typically you should try and keep your meals under 500 calories, with the plainest patties being the healthiest.  Surprisingly the Wendys plain Jr. Hamburger is among this list as a better burger. 

This last article talks about the after-burn effect and how it burns calories even after your workout.  It lays out how high interval training is better and more time effective than running on the treadmill for an hour.  Wouldn’t you like to work out for 10 minutes and burn 500 calories?  You can also find other great helpful tips and healthy nutrition habits. 


About Things John Lau says

There is a lot to say about me. It's always hard summing up yourself into one little block. Allow me to re-introduce myself. My name is John Lau. I'm a marketing major at Champlain College and after almost 4 short years, I find that i'm ending the first part of my college journey. I try to keep myself active and dabble in a variety of activities. I like snowboarding, longboarding, golfing, playing soccer, participating in intellectual conversations, meeting interesting people and laughing with good friends. I just spent four months in Ireland, where I travelled all over Europe and gained a great perspective about the world. From my travels, I have a new appreciation for different cultures, politics, economies and people. I like to stay updated on current events and technologies that emerge. This blog focuses on my interests in all the fields I dabble in which can include business, technology, sports, snowboarding, movies, music and life in general. This is a way to document my experiences and express my opinions which relate the community I influence.
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One Response to Working on that Spring break body?

  1. Jess says:

    git that beach bod braaahhhhhh

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